1. We provide sophisticated high end products that will make you save as much as 90% on energy cost compared to traditional bulbs, which goes beyond standards on expected savings.
  2. You will get a return on your investment within 18 months (average).
  3. Our LED blubs have a lifespan of over 20 years.
  4. Come and visit our store. Our experts will be happy to guide you.
  5. LED lighting : bright, green savings!


Optimal technology

  1. Interested in optimal efficiency, low energy consumption and a wide variety of products? ALKOM is ready to suggest a full conversion of your lighting for LED technology.
  2. Our services are available to residential, commercial and industrial customers. We provide lighting on buildings, in kitchens, offices, banks, hotels, hospitals, malls, public institutions, gardens, pools, sports complexes and others.
  3. We have access to the best options on the market for advanced technology, quality and prices.