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Wishing to change your regular lighting to LED or to refine ambient lighting in your home? Our specialists will guide you and help you acquire advanced automatic domestic equipment. CONTROL4 home automation technology helps you manage the different areas of your house efficiently.

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No matter your business profile, our specialists at ALKOM La Boutique will help you simplify the management of your lighting and facilitate the control of your premises. Discover our accessible high-end technology. The combination of CONTROL4 devices and LED lighting is a smart and cost-saving choice.

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At ALKOM, we work in industrial, institutional, public and agricultural sectors. Ask our experts to suggest the best lighting devices and controls to suit your needs. We offer a wide variety of highly efficient and resistant products with the finest warranties in the industry. Let us demonstrate our expertise.


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LED bulbs have significant advantages compared to other types of bulbs.

+ Big energy savings
+ Very long life
+ Instant start


1- Savings
LED fixtures use 80% less power than incandescent fixtures.
2- Service Life
LED integrated fixtures typically last 25,000 hours (on three hours a day for 23 years).
3- Reliability
The warranty on LED fixtures is at least three years, in contrast to the usual one year in the case of incandescent lighting.
4- Performance
LED fixtures provide more even and effective light distribution than incandescent fixtures.
5- Simplified Purchase
LEDs are usually integrated into fixtures.
6- Convenience
Fixtures with photosensitive motion detectors are very practical outdoors.


One of the numerous advantages of the CONTROL4 system is that it centralizes all controls on a unique controller that is activated via a wall touch panel or remote controls.